Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nurse's Week 2011

Another year has gone by...Wow, where did it go? As National Nurse's Week approaches again, I have been reflecting on our business and the great nurses I am so blessed to know.
Who would think that working in a virtual environment that you would really get to know your co-workers? Most people have a perception of working in a virtual environment as being for those who do not enjoy the socialization of others, but I believe we truly have our own Utopia.
So many of us have known each other for a while now, and have developed some close bonds. Who would think that some great friendships would come from sitting in front of a computer day after day, and be built over thousands of miles. But, here at NTTS, that is what has happened. In fact, we have developed our own little "family".
Wikipedia defines family as those that are transplanted via migration to flourish in their new societies. Science classifies family as being groups that are closely related. That is what has happened within our organization. Nurses, who are closely related in what we do, have flourished in our little society. I have had the privilege of watching this first hand, and it is amazing to see what we can accomplish together.
So, to my fellow nurses, Happy Nurse's Week! You do a great job at taking care of the patients we serve! I am so proud to know all of you, and thank you for making this a great place to be!