Sunday, February 23, 2014

Overcoming The Challenges of a Virtual Environment

To describe managing nurses in a virtual call center as “challenging”, would be the best summation I can think of. Nurses, as any other employee, have their own personalities and gifts they bring to the workplace and it can be difficult to really get to know your staff members when you are in a virtual office environment. However, we have done quite well in creating an environment where our nurses can feel valued, as well as feel that we recognize them as individuals.
Our staff connects via monthly newsletters, birthday recognition, and peer nominated awards. These are just a few of the ways we relate to each other, even though many are miles apart. Emails are a main source of communication, as well as texting, and social networking sites like Facebook or Linked In. We also hold quarterly virtual staff meetings to communicate any updates and to give staff members an opportunity to discuss any issues.
For anyone that feels working in a virtual office environment would be isolating, that would only be if you allow it. Technology can be used to accomplish virtually anything. It just takes a little effort, and it is amazing the friends and “family” you can make right from your own home office.